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Tommu Wiseau is an ever secretive and Louisiana-born filmmaker who directed, wrote and starred in the 2003 romantic drama 'The Room' with Greg Sestero.It's a movie that has become a cult hit among film-lovers for all the wrong reasons, as it's considered to be one of the worst films ever made.When she wakes up on February 12th, it just seems like a regular Friday.Her best friends will pick her up, they'll go to school and end the day with another epic house party.

No matter how hard she tries to change things throughout the day, she still wakes up on the same day after the same night.

Soon she starts to think that maybe her plight is something to do with a strange girl at her school named Juliet Sykes; a loner and a freak, at least in her and her friends' eyes, who they never stop making fun of.

It's only when she starts to feel bad about how they're treating Juliet that she finally accepts that if she has to live this day over and over, she wants to be the best person she can be every time.

Plus, Sestero previously claimed that Wiseau would only agree to this adaptation if he would be played by either James Franco or Johnny Depp.

Continue: The Disaster Artist Trailer Ry Russo-Young and Zoey Deutch at a New York Special Screening of Open Road's 'Before I Fall' which was presented by Marie Claire and held at Landmark Sunshine Cinema - New York, United States - Tuesday 28th February 2017Writer-director John Hamburg continues to recycle the formula that made his first hit Meet the Parents so wildly popular, as this comedy pits two very different men against each other.

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