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With most thrillers, this movie has it's faults.Some exaggeration, implausibilities, annoying twists, but the film transcends other thrillers on all other levels.Sudan's security service arrests journalists who cover the country's anti-inflation protests and have been holding one local reporter for over two weeks without charge.Authorities regularly confiscate newspapers in an attempt to inflict financial losses on newspapers that cross red lines.Rachel brought that playful naivety but at the same time made Della intelligent and respectable.Helen Mirren was perfect, and perhaps a little underused.Even with the overly dramatic plot and scenarios, I felt this film was a very realistic portrayal of journalism and posed an interesting argument between old fashioned print journalism and the new age of the internet.Of course, for the "thrills" they'll have to make some cliché twists, but it goes beyond the generic nonsense thriller to making a mild statement about the media today. I couldn't be more relieved that Russell Crowe took over Brad Pitt's role, Pitt would have been a terrible choice. However, I kind of wish Edward Norton remained with the role of Senator Collins...

It isn't just some formulaic story with mindless twists and turns, it's actually saying something about the world today that is very relevant, which not only makes a great thriller, but a great film as well.Affleck and Crowe didn't have the greatest chemistry.However the many supporting players were fantastic. Not exactly the meatiest role but she played the revised role of Della as a young popular blogger greatly.Late last year, the Sudanese cabinet approves a draft amendment to a law that would potentially give authorities power to further censor the press. Numeroasele sale articole și publicații l-au făcut în Italia una din cele mai importante, populare și influente personalități ale secolului 20.

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