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Since then, she has gone on to create other girl groups, including Girlicious, the Paradiso Girls, and G. Additionally, she was responsible for the dance ensembles in various films.She is the sister of celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Antin, director Steve Antin and actor Neil Antin.

Since disbanding, Ashely Roberts and Kim Wyatt each enjoyed judging stints on Dancing on Ice and Got to Dance respectively, whilst Nicole became a solo superstar and one of the X Factor's most popular judges. Yeah little mama you lookin' good I see you wanna play with a player from the hood Come holla at me you got it like that Big Snoop Dogg with the lead Pussycat I show you how I go down Yeah I wanna throw down Me and you one on one treat it like a showdown You look at me I look at you I'm reachin' for your shirt what you want me to do I'm tellin' you loosen up my buttons babe (uh-huh)But you keep frontin' (uh)Sayin' what you gon' to do to me (uh-huh)But I ain't seen nothin'I'm tellin' you loosen up my buttons babe (uh-huh)But you keep frontin' (uh)Sayin' what you gon' to do to me (uh-huh)But I ain't seen nothin'Typical hardly the type I fall for I like when the physical don't leave me askin' for more I'm a sexy mama (mama)Who knows just how to get what I wanna (wanna)What I want to do is spring this on ya (on ya)Back up all of the things that I told ya (told ya told ya told ya)You been sayin' all the right things all night long But I can't seem to get you over here to help take this off Baby can't you see?

I'm not disappointed because we worked so hard for our success, and we did achieve a lot in our time.

Robin Antin (born July 6, 1961) is an American dancer, choreographer, actress, and clothing designer entrepreneur.

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While the racer was initially "sweet," she says he can also be "Jekyll and Hyde," especially when it comes to someone using his bathroom!

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