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After the violent partition of Punjab, the Punjabi film industry suffered because of a lack of capital, and film production decreased.This compelled Punjabi film actors, filmmakers and musicians to work in the Bombay industry, including actors such as K. Saigal, Prithviraj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand and singers such as Mohammed Rafi, Noorjahan and Shamshad Begum. Shorey directed the first Punjabi film following the partition of Punjab.Kardar, a professional calligraphist, was accompanied by his fellow-artist and friend Muhammad Ismail, who would make the posters for his films. Alongside Ismail, he sold all his belongings to set up a studio and a production company under the name United Players Corporation, in 1928.Set up at Ravi Road (now Timber Market), the duo hired actors to work with them on their projects.

Due to the success of this film, interest in Punjabi films started to escalate; therefore, in 1938, with the assistance of Madan Mohan Mehra, K. Mehra released his second Punjabi sound film, Heer Sial.

Baldev Raj Chopra, later known as a director, started from the Punjabi film industry in Lahore, where he operated a film magazine called the Cine Herald.

Likewise, Ramanand Sagar, later a director, was associated with the Evening News and Syed Attahullah Shah Hashmi worked for the film newspaper, Adakar.

Actors who worked for the studio included Hiralal, Gul Hamid, Nazir, Pran Sikhand, Kaushalya Devi, Gulzaar, Mumtaaz and Ahmed Deen.

Husn Ka Daku, also known as Mysterious Eagle, Kardar's directorial début would firmly add him into the directors guild.

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Other notable films of the late 1940s included Lachhi (1949), Mundri (1949) and Pheray (1949).

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