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Thomas i am getting the impression that you are using the Target. Thanks If you have two nested loops where the range is being modified (row insertion, deletion), those ranges need to expand or contract accordingly.

Select to "see" what the range is for checking purposes rather than to do stuff. Find (RCSANum).....(goes on to add rows in Target for each value in in the dest row matching RCSANum. It might help if you post a workbook and let us know your desired results so we can re-create your VBA will comments on how it can be accomplished.

This is best practices for utilizing the Range object and should be done 99.99% of the time, if not always.

As noted by others, there's no reason to use Select or Activate in your code.

I know my Set Target, Set Dest is ok because when I am on the active sheet of the range being referenced, it works, and when I manually click to the sheet of range 2, that works as well. I realize the select statements later on in the script often cause issues, I use them just to verify that I have the correct ranges as I tweak my macro. e as with something .range(.cell1, .cell2)=.otherrange end with the .

connects the object to the with as far as your text without selects goes, what are you trying to achieve, and in what way doesn't it work?

I'm not opposed fully to using the With statement, but I do avoid it when I can.

I realize this error probably has something to do with a fundamental, but don't know what I'm missing.If there are multiple Co Num's in Co No Transpose I want a row added in Sheet1. For CIS007 there are 4 enteries on Sheet1 and 6 on Co No Transpose thus I would have 24 rows in Sheet1 after running my macro. You'll have a little note on the status bar telling you approximately where you're at, nothing fancy.Sub new Auto Rec() Dim start Time As Variant start Time = Format(Now(), "hh:mm am/pm") 'rec Range. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Dim kollol As Variant kollol = 0 Dim n, k, z, sl, o As Variant Dim my Range As Object Dim count Total As Variant Dim my Offset As Object 'On Error Go To en Set my Range = Application. But if you edit your code on the fly like I do it can get annoying, very quickly. Here is a copy of the book that I am trying to create with the original tabs, Sheet1 and Co No Transpose along with a third sheet displaying the desired results. I was missing the fact that I had to set the book with each range reference.

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On sheets 1 and Co No Transpose there rows that link the data. I was thinking I was in the clear if I set it for the range I was specifyin and at the begining of the range I was setting it to. You can change that name if you want at the top of the code.

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