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These should all be recalled and taken off the market before someone has an accident. tried to give it a go with adjusting settings etc but no good.

Hi cbc85l, While we do always strive to have the most up to date mapping, we do rely on our customers to notify us of changes to roads, speeds and conditions, so that we can notify our mapping par...

For instructions on how to do that, please visit service.

Select the appropriate country, and then go to this link: Load_Faq.aspx?

The screen almost impossible to see even in overcast conditions. read more » I just bought one of these to replace a pain in the behind My450LMT.

Going down the Expressway the unit was showing my speed was 95kph in a 100kph zone BUT it was also saying I was speeding . I had 1 instruction to turn right but the nearest street was about 200 meters away. I do like some of the directions when you can hear them ... Well, got it from the shop put it in the car straight away and was immediately disappointed in the screen brightness and yes I checked the settings.

It's lucky if it is half as bright as the MY450LMT so was quite hard to see on the dash.

2/ The last Navman warranty card I read stated the unit must be disconnected from the power source before starting your vehicle.

This may mean they have found a cheaper way to make their power supplies without spike protection or it may be a new way to duck any warranty claim they feel like.

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Not sure which but either way, it was the very first one that large well known chain store had sold and it went back.

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