Team fortress 2 stats not updating

If it's of any help, I'm a F2P player right now, at least until I remember my account. You don't unlock the Your Eternal Reward from an achievement, sorry.

I figured I would trust team support but not only am I took angry at them now to do that, they fell flat on thier face.

Stats also only update during map changes or on exiting, so if your game crashes (or sometimes if steam doesn't exit properly when you shut down your computer), your stats won't update.

Hey guys, just started playing TF2 again but I have another problem. I've tried reinstalling, verifying, and defragmenting but nothing seems to work for me. One time it took about 3 days until it had all my current stats up.

The stats in-game are still there and they update normally, but everything's 0 on my community page in steam. At first I thought that I was just not getting lucky with the achievements, but I'm pretty sure that I should've gotten a few by now. Best advice I can give you is make sure you're signed into your Steam account, (sometimes I start up TF2 only to find I'm signed into my brother's account) and if all else fails just enjoy the game and don't worry about it. It's almost been a week and my stats still aren't syncing.

I have many screen shots of 30 plus points as demoman, for example, but my TF2 stats still say my points are like 21 or whatever.

My general question is "does anyone else have this problem"?

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