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Jason did not know how to make this happen and asked himself, “Why I can’t take away the girl and just have something with the guy?

”◊♦◊Charlie said, “I consider myself to be bisexual because I love both males and females, and if I ever feel like being physically close to a male and he’s open to it I will do it.” Although he said he had never felt the desire to have intercourse with a male, the night before we were to have an interview as a follow-up to his reaction paper, Charlie had a dream in which he was taking the “dominant” or “top” role in intercourse with another man.

I’d grown up in a middle-class Massachusetts town, which was largely Irish and Italian, and, frankly, prior to that summer, I’d not known much in the way of tenderness or warmth from straight men.

Consequently, I’d built up a thick, defensive wall of big words around me.

Most of my students were already teaching; their average age was mid to late 20s, with a few in their 50s.

I had my graduate students read and write reaction papers to my book, .

I decided to ask them—gently and without pressure—in their subsequent reaction papers, if they had experienced same-sex attractions.

We would engage in dizzying verbal jousting that, at the time, was the closest thing I’d ever had to sex.

I don’t think these categories of identity give us an accurate picture of male sexual feeling.

In the late 1970s, Frank, a young married man, came to me for psychotherapy because he thought he might be possessed by the devil.

The other man, who was gay, wrote Gary a letter telling him he was in love with him.

Initially, Gary thought of breaking off the friendship.

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