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All you have to do is to specify the Base URL with the IP address of your camera as described in the example and define Image Resolution, Display Width and Height.

They will be horrified to learn that footage they assumed could be accessed by them alone has, in some cases, been made available by hackers for the world to see.The information in this article applies to all Axis Network Cameras and Video Servers running firmware version 4If you have direct Ethernet network connectivity available for the Axis network camera, simply connect it to your network and start to view images directly from it. You can also easily configure your own Web page inside the product itself.You may want to include live video on your own Web page, simply follow the description available here.Evangelist Franklin Graham prayed on a sidewalk outside the Pentagon Thursday after his invitation to a prayer service inside was withdrawn because of comments that insulted people of other religions.If you have installed a camera of the type that can be hacked in this way, you could be being watched now.

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