Pagdating ng panahon translation in english interracial dating and marriage challenges

Ayunan ang iba-v-To second, suscribe consent; promise. Ayusin-v-To conform; arrange propor- tion; array; police; marshall; methodize. Alisaga-a-Inconstant; fickle; idle; la/y; loitering. Alin-^wo- Which, Alindog-n-Caress; petting; fondling. Aliuduguin-r-To caress; pet; fondle; hu- mor; wheedle; coax; jollify. Alintana-n-Disregard; disobeyance; gibe; disrespect. Alintanahin-r-To disobey; disregard; gibe; look down upon. Alipinin-i'-To enslave; subject; oppress; overpower; crush; enthrall. Alipnsta-n-Insult; injury; wound; oblo- quy; fleer. Alipustain-r-To insult; offend; malign; flout; fleer; wound. Alisin-r-To take away: remove; subtract; extract; lessen; scratch out; divest; abolish, oust.

AHkabok-n-Duet; powder, Alila Scullion; servant; page; valet.

(Romans 12:3) Eventually, children who are trained to respect bedtime rules realize that they are a vital spoke in the family wheel but are not the hub of it—they must conform to the family’s routine rather than expect the family’s routine to conform to their whims.“Ang pisikal na mga gawain ay nakatutulong upang makontrol ang timbang, nakahahadlang sa mga problema sa kalusugan na gaya ng diyabetis at osteoporosis, nagpapabuti ng pakiramdam, at nagdudulot ng mahimbing na nang hatinggabi, hindi pagdarasal sa maghapon, hindi pag-aalmusal, o paglabag sa araw ng Sabbath—tulad ng maliliit na pagkakamali—ay unti-unting magpapamanhid sa ating pakiramdam, at tutulutan tayong gumawa ng mas masasamang bagay.

What may appear to be of little importance, such as going to bed late, not praying for a day, skipping fasting, or breaking the Sabbath—such little slips—will make us lose sensitivity little by little, allowing us to do worse things.

Aral-w-Doctrine; teaching; instruction; exhortation. Aralan-i'-To instruct; teach; advise; educate; drill; inform; apprentice.

Ara\v nang kapanganakan-w-Birthday; day., of birth.

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Awatan-y-To separate; part, Awatin ang hayop-i'-To wean animals; Away-w-Dispute; quarrel; fight; riot; tumult; strife; affray.

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