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Congratulations are in order for Made in Chelsea's Cheska Hull who is pregnant with her first child! (looks like a boy to me)" A fourth person added: "I cried when you said you were pregnant!The reality star, who is an original cast member of the show, announced the exciting news during her brief return to the E4 reality programme. " Before Cheska explained: "It's your baby shower and I feel really bad but obviously, I can't drink. I've been dying to tell you for so long." Aww how sweet! hope life is great xx" Someone else joked: "Aw man! So cute that yours and @binkyfelstead will grow up together " Earlier this year, her best-friend Binky Felstead announced she was expecting the first ever Made in Chelsea baby with her co-star Josh Patterson – aka JP.In this week's show, there was yet another rumour of Jamie's alleged infidelity which threatened to rock his relationship with Frankie - and this time there was photographic evidence. He told Frankie: "You are always going to have situations with me where someone is going to say 'Oh Jamie was flirting with that person'. It's the type of guy I am, I'm not going to change for anyone. I'm a flirty guy."Frankie reacted: "Well I want a guy who literally treats me like I'm the only girl in the world."I don't want to be with someone who goes around kissing other girls on the lips and thinks its okay," she added before walking away.In the next episode, Jamie and Frankie take time apart, but when Harry moves in closer to Frankie, Jamie struggles to keep his cool.

Take a look back through 11 seasons of archives with us, and cast your vote below. We think there was a skiing subplot involving her, but we’ll have to get back to you on that.

Here’s the time she made a music video with an Ollie Locke lookalike – skip to for the grand reveal.

Louise Thompson literally cheated on her boyfriend with this man here. Millie had a short-lived relationship with Sam Thompson, in which he invited her round for cocktails and then preceded to shag Tiff behind his back.

Another of the Made In Chelsea old guard who ended up being pretty useless, the entire series kicked off with a party thrown by Amber for her new jewellery line. The fact she was introduced with literally just a lingering shot of her arse suggests so. Introduced as part of a trio to rival the “lost boys” of old, he fell by the wayside to charming Andy Jordan and cheeky Stevie Johnson.

Unsurprisingly, Kimberly left after just one season. Just sort of , Sam was the awkward third wheel of the group – and after a bumbling love subplot with Cheska, he bowed out from the show. He was Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend who came in as Proudlock’s mate in 2013.

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