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Personal information include: Full name, date of birth and address.This information can be misused in many ways such as, identity theft, or claim your money, or take out loans in your name, it can also be used to find you! Two female detectives delivered a workshop to our students regarding keeping safe online.From the 1st of feburary to the 9th Feburary, pupils were assigned a different task.Each class, deigned either a campaign against child soldiers, a role play on child soldiers, an informative speech against child soldiers or a poem against child soldiers.

The Holocaust provided one of the most effective subjects for examining basic morals.At the plea hearing, he admitted that he obtained and distributed many pre-release and new release movies and software, and admitted aiding and directing others in the camming of the following movies from movie theaters: "Elizabethtown," "Firewall," "Benchwarmers," "The Sentinel," "Akeelah and the Bee," "Over The Hedge," "XMen," "Just My Luck," "The Breakup," "Saving Shiloh," "See No Evil," "Cars," "Click," "You Me and Dupree," "Lady in the Water," "Monster House," "Been Rich All My Life," and "Agnes and His Brothers." The infringed movies were made available on a warez computer network accessible to others via the Internet.Defendant Madhani was paid for supplying prerelease movies to others on the warez site, usually through an online account.Studying the Holocaust helped students to: Understand the roots and ramifications of prejudice, racism and sterotyping in any society. Schools announced that as part of the ongoing prosecution arising out of Operation Copycat, another individual was convicted for his role in assisting with the unauthorized camcording of movies in a theater and for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, bringing the total number of convictions to thirty-six in the case. Arshad Madhani, 21, of Duluth, Georgia, was the third person in the case to be convicted for violating a statute which now prohibits the unauthorized copying of a movie in a movie theater using camcorder equipment.

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