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Tlie King, however, (600 thalers), an appointment which induced him to accept an appoint- paved the way for his post at Leipsic ment as General Music Director of as conductor at the GEWANDHAUS, the Domchor. In Leipsic, with Ferdinand Mendelssohn established the Con- David as concertmeister, Mendelssohn servatory on a secure basis, began speedily built up the foremost or- his incidental music for " Athalie," chestra in Europe. For Piano and String Instru- as well as Carl Mendelssohn-Bart- ments.

The festival at DUsseldorf, where his Academy project proved a failure so work was so much appreciated that far as Mendelssohn and music were he was engaged as general director of concerned, and he asked permission the town at about 0 per annum to leave Berlin.

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MACDOWELL, Columbia, poem for orchestra was first performed 1897-1904; instructor in music, Dec. 9A:4: , TB 378 METLAND Xaerts (Lambert Joseph) com- the Th^tre des Italiens, Sept. posed studies for two violins, each Other oueras followed in rapid sueces- based on a rhvthm taken from a sion : " Stratoniee/' " Le jeune Sage et Beethoven symphony ; played violin ; le vieux Fou," ** Le Jugenient de taught Bru Bsels Conservatory; pu- Paris" (with Haydn and Pleyel) ; pil of Lafont, Habenek, and Baillot "Horatius Coclte," "M6lidore et Phro- at the Paris Conservatoire. May 12, 1863, jeune Henri," " Adrien," "Ariodant," Brussels. 13, 1850, d'Ulysse," " Pers^ et Andromftde," Columbus, O.; add. Oer, Polyphonic, pupil of Wilhelm Hauser, to whom he Meibomius or Meibom (Mar- waa made deputy organist at 14. Then he hurried back to Leip- withdrew from his official position sic for the beginning of the concert there, and the following year returned season, devoting himself almost to his old desk at the Gewandhaus, wholly to his duties there for the Leipsic.

sine," ** La Caverne," " Doria," *' Le 6, 1800, Brussels; d. Arrigo Boito's opera, drose," were well received, as were his based on FAUST, was first performed songs and cantatas, " Chant national Mar. d^ 14 Juillet," " Chant du Depart," Xehlig (Anna) played piano, tour- " Chant du Retour," " Chanson de Ro- ing Europe, and m 1870 America; land," " Chant lyrique," and " Le Pont pupil of the Stuttgart Conservatory, de Lodi." His unpublished works in- and of Lisrt at w Smar. July 11, eluded six operas, a mass, composed 1846, Stuttgart; m. M^hul also composed lowed the reforms instituted by Gluck; symphonies, which, however, are was inspector of instruction at the deemed inferior to his overtures, cho- Paris Conservatoire from the founda- rnses to the tragedy " Timol6on," the tion of that institution; one of the ballet " Les Amazons," and " La Jour- best and most prolific of French com- n^ a^ Aventures," 1816. Son of a cook, M4hul obtained l»ant career brought him the cross of bis first music lessons from a blind or- *^e Legion of Honor and membership ganist, and at 10 was himself organist in the Institut. Givet, Ardennes, of the convent at Givet Later he en- June 22, 1763; d. 18, 1817, Paris, tcred the monastery of Lavaldieu as Mehrstlmmig. Conditions in Berlin becoming Birmingham Festival with great sue- more and more irksome, Mendelssohn cess.

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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. 23, 1897, to or main droite, " right hand." book by the Marquess of Lome Mean.

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