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" "Yep," He grinned, finally sealing his lips over hers. When The Daily Prophet identifies Hermione Granger as 'the Mudblood who is known to be travelling with Harry Potter,' Minerva Mc Gonagall and her fellow professors discuss the Trio's chances. Snowbarry A small cookie / one-shot about Caitlin's thoughts during the Devoe Debacle (4x07).One-shot."I didn't think anyone would come," she whispered. Snowbarry (at least onesided or Friendship) - don't like, don't read Disclaimer - I do not own the Flash, the Arrowverse or the characters of either"I said that we'd find away to cure her, and we locked her up in cuffs because we were afraid of her too." Before going back to 2017 to try and save Iris, Flash has a request for future Barry."You're always there to save me and I will always be here to save you," he replied. He's given everyone else on Team Flash another chance, it's time one more person got that. Takes place during/after The Once and Future Flash (episode 3x19)The Muliverse Theory states that, everytime you're supposed to make a decision, reality splits into multiple parts.Despite all these alternative realities, Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow have realized that they're the only constants in each other's lives. When Hermione and Draco get put into detention together, a potion mishaps throws them back in time: into the Marauders' era. Cuando a Lucius le llega un buho urgente desde los Servicios Mágicos Forestales, y con Narcisa fuera de compras en París, no le queda otra que pedirle a la persona que menos quiere en el mundo que cuide de su hijo.

This job is exactly what she needs in order to climb the corporate ladder. Although, their conversations are decidedly more nerdy than normal.

Essentially, it's my version of events leading up to the upcoming wedding, featuring the perspectives of Barry, Caitlin, and Iris.

Originally, this was a one-shot, now it's a multi-chapter fanfiction.

The following list is from: the list at the original site is more up to date than the list below! of scalp) descargar – thin (make thinner) desencrespar – relax, straighten desenredante – detangling desenredar – detangle desfilar el pelo – layer; reduce volume; thin desfilado (nom) – a haircut in which some parts are longer than others and/or thinned towards the ends desgrafilado – a type of layered cut in which the volume is reduced desgreñada – disheveled, having messy hair desfilado (cut or style) – ragged, irregular, layers of different lengths desflecado (cut or style) = desflecado desmechado (cut or style) – tousled desmechar – pull, tousle, remove, or thin hair desmelenarse – let one’s hair down; mess up one’s hair desplumado – razor cut with fine layers despunte (de cabello) – trim desriz – straightening or relaxing of the hair desriz japonés – Japanese thermal reconditioning desrizante (nom) – hair straightener, relaxer desrizado (adj) – relaxed, straightened desrizado (nom) – relaxing, straightening desrizador (adj) – relaxing, straightening desrizador (nom) – hair straightener, relaxer desrizar – relax, straighten desteñido (color, tinte) – faded desvanecido (corte de pelo) – layered diadema – hair band, head band; tiara diente (de peine) – tooth diseño – design diseño de pelo – hair design doobie, doobi, dooby – dry wrap dócil – manageable dona (de cabello) – ornamental ponytail holder made of cloth dorado – golden duradero – lasting, long-lasting – E – echar canas – get gray hairs echarse mechas – have one’s hair streaked or highlighted elaborado – elaborate electrólisis – electrolisis (method of permanent hair removal) elegante – elegant en capas – layered encanecido (adj) – gray-haired; graying encapado (adj) – layered encapado incrementado (adj) – layered encapados – layers encaracolado – kinky encerado – waxing enchinar – curl encrespar – curl, frizz up encrespado – curly; frizzy encrespamiento – frizzing, frizzing up (e.g.

a capas – layered, in layers ablandador (de pelo) – relaxer, straightener, softener ablandador de canas – pre-softener for color-resistant gray hair so it will absorb dye better abombado (peinado) – bouffant abrillantador (nom) – gloss, brightener, lustrant abrillantador (adj) – brightening, glossing, shining abundante cabellera – full head of hair acartonado (pelo) – stiff, without movement or vitality accesorio para pelo – hair ornament aceite de aguacate (o palta) – avocado oil aceite de ajonjolí – sesame oil aceite de canela – cinammon oil aceite de jojoba – jojoba oil aceite de canela – cinammon oil aceite de germen de trigo – wheat germ oil aceite de oliva (o aceituna) – olive oil aceite de planchado – pressing oil acentuar – accentuate, emphasize acharolado (hair) – stiffened by gel or fixative aclarar (pelo) – rinse; lighten, make lighter acondicionador – conditioner acondicionar – condition adhesivo – glue, adhesive Afro – Afro agente ablandador – softener, softening agent; relaxer agitado – messed up, messy agua – water agua oxigenada – (hydrogen) peroxide agua purificada – purified water ahuecado (del cabello) – a volumizing treatment, bouffant ahuecar (el pelo) – give volume to, fluff, fluff out, make fluffy alaciado – straightening, relaxing alaciado permanente – permanent straightening alaciado temporal – temporary straightening alaciar – straighten, relax alazán (color) – cinammon, reddish brown alborotado – disheveled, messed up, tousled algodón – cotton alheña – henna alisado, alisante – straightening, relaxing alisado chino – Chinese “Chi” hair straightening alisado japonés – Japanese thermal reconditioning (straightening) alisado termal – Thermal reconditioning (straightening) alisador, alisadora (de pelo) – hair straightener, hair relaxer, curl relaxer; hair iron, flat iron alisar el cabello o pelo – straighten or relax the hair alissette – straightening, relaxing alopecia – alopecia, hair loss, falling hair alta costura – haute couture, high fashion amarrado (pelo) – tied back amarrar (pelo) – tie back ampolla, ampolleta – vial, phial, ampoule containing a single application of special hair oil or treatment anchoas – pin curls, small curls; small curlers anchoitas – curls fastened with a clip anti-esponjado – anti-frizz anti-fungoideos – anti-fungal aplicación – application aplicar – apply, put on apretador – clip, hair band; hair net apretadora capilar – hair fortifying treatment to control hair loss arcilla – clay arena (color) – sand, sandy color arrancar (pelos) – pluck arrastre de color – reset tinted hair to its natural color arreglar – do, fix arreglarse el pelo – fix one’s hair arriba – on top áspero (pelo) – coarse atado (pelo) – tied, fastened (not loose) atado atrás (pelo) – tied back axilas – armpits – B – baba de caracol – snail slime balayage – balayage, highlighting by direct “painting” without foil or cap baño – bath baño de color – color rinse baño de crema – cream rinse barra (para hacer permanentes) – perm rod barrido (de tintura, tinturación) – removal of dye from hair barro – mud bigudí, bigutí, bigoutí – curler, roller bigutí flexible o suave – soft-twist roller blanco (color de pelo) – white blower – blow dryer bob en capas – layered bob bob en punta – unlayered or pointed bob bob hongo – mushroom bob boquilla (de blower) – nozzle borgoña (color de pelo) – burgundy brillante – shiny brillantez – shininess brillo – shine brillo capilar, brillo para cabello – hair polish, hair gloss bucle – ringlet, spiral curl bufarse (pelo) – puff out, frizz up, get big burdeos (color de pelo) – burgundy – C – cabellera – long hair, tresses, head of hair cabellera densa – thick hair cabello – hair cabello alisado – straightened hair, relaxed hair cabello atado – hair tied back cabello canoso – graying hair, salt-and-pepper hair cabello cenizo – gray hair cabello crespo – frizzy or nappy hair cabello electrizado – static hair, flyaway hair cabello espeso – thick hair cabello esponjado – frizzy, puffy, or fluffy hair cabello fino o finito – fine or very fine hair cabello graso – oily hair cabello gueso – thick hair cabello horquillado – split ends cabello lacio – straight hair cabello liso – straight hair cabello lleno – full head of hair cabello mixto – mixed dry and oily hair cabello ondulado – wavy hair cabello reseco – very dry hair cabello sano o saludable – healthy hair cabello seco – dry hair cabello pintado o teñido – dyed hair cabello planchado – pressed hair cabello quebradizo – brittle hair cabellos bravos – wild hair cabeza – head cadejo – tangles, knot of tangled hair café (color de pelo) – coffee brown caída del cabello – hair loss calamidad – disaster, calamity caliente – hot calor – heat calvicie – baldness; bald spot calvicie incipiente – thinning hair, falling hair cambiar – change canas – gray hairs, white hairs canela (color) – cinammon, reddish brown canoso (pelo) – gray, white, graying, salt-and-pepper caoba (color de pelo) – mahogany capas – layers capas de pelo – layers of hair capas de color – layers of color capilar – hair (adj) cara – face caracoles – ringlets cardar (pelo) – tease, backcomb caro – expensive cascada de bucles – cascade of ringlets caspa – dandruff castaño (color de pelo) – brown, chestnut castaño claro (color de pelo) – light brown castaño cenizo (color de pelo) – ash brown castaño dorado (color de pelo) – honey blonde, golden brown castaño oscuro (color de pelo) – dark brown castaño rojizo (color de pelo) – reddish-brown castaño rubio (color de pelo) – honey blonde cejas – eyebrows cenizo (color) – gray cenizo (tono) – ash cepillable – brushable cepillado – brushing cepillar – brush cepillarse el pelo – brush one’s hair cepillo (de pelo) – brush, hairbrush cepillo estilizador – styling brush cepillo estilizador termal o de aire caliente – hot air styling brush cepillo plano – flat brush cepillo redondo – round brush cera – wax cera caliente – hot wax cerámico (plancha) – ceramic cerda – bristle (of hairbrush) cerquillo – bangs, fringe champú – shampoo champú abrillantador – brightening shampoo champú aclarador o clarificador – clarifying shampoo champú sublimador de rizos – curl-enhancing shampoo chasquilla – bangs chino (pelo) – curly chocolate (color de pelo) – chocolate brown chongo – bun, chignon chongo de gajos – chignon with tendrils chongo francés – French roll, chignon cincelado a navaja – razor cut cinta (de pelo) – ribbon, hair ribbon cintura – waist ciruela (color de pelo) – plum cita de cabello – hairdresser appointment claritos – streaks claro (tono) – light clarísimo (tono) – very light clásico – classic clipe – hair clip cloro – chlorine cobre (color de pelo) – copper cola – pony tail, ponytail cola ahuecada – puffy ponytail, teased ponytail cola cortado – bobtail, short ponytail cola de caballo – pony tail cola de caballo lateral – side pony tail champú – shampoo champú cola de caballo – horsetail shampoo, shampoo containing the herb equisetum) champú neutralizante – neutralizing shampoo (for use after applying relaxer) chin (un chin) – a little, a little bit chino, chinito – curly coleta – pony tail coleta alta – high pony tail coleta baja – low pony tail coletero, colita – ponytail holder, hair band, hair tie coletero enganche – ponytail clasp colocho, colocha, colochita – curly, curly-haired person color – color (EEUU), colour (RU) color de pelo – hair color color natural – natural color color permanente – permanent color color temporal – temporary color colorado (color) – red colorante – dye, coloring coloreado – colored, tinted, dyed colorear – color, tint, dye colorido – color, coloring colorín – red; red-haired, ginger-haired colorista – hair colorist cóncavo – concave, curling inward (opposite of “el flip” consejos – advice copete – pompadour coronilla – top of the head cortar – cut, bob cortar a flequillo – cut in bangs, styled in bangs cortar el flequillo – cut (or trim) the bangs cortar el pelo – cut (the) hair cortarme el pelo – have my hair cut; get a haircut cortarse el pelo – have one’s hair cut; get a haircut cortarse el pelo escalonado – have one’s hair layered, cut in layers cortar las puntas – trim (the ends) corte de alta costura – couture cut, high-fashion cut corte de dama – woman’s cut, lady’s cut corte de pelo – hairstyle, cut, haircut, hair cut corte de pelo a navaja – razor cut corte de pelo en capas – layered cut corte de pelo escalonado – layered cut corte de hongo o honguito o tazón – mushroom cut, bowl cut corte desmachado en punta – unlayered tousled cut corte encapado – layered cut cortísimo – very short corto – short crecer – grow crecer de nuevo (cabello) – grow back crecimiento – growth crema – cream, creme crema alisadora – relaxing cream, hair relaxer crema alisante – relaxing cream, hair relaxer crema anticaída, crema apretadora – fortifying cream to control hair loss crema para peinar, crema de peinar – styling cream, hair cream crema tonalizante – shading cream (for dyed hair) crencha – part (in hair) crespo (nom) – curl crespo (adj) – curly, frizzy, kinky, nappy, puffy, poofy crispado – tight, frizzy, puffy, poofy ¿cuánto costaría X? on humid day) encresparse – become curly engancharse – snag, get caught enganche – snag enjuagar – rinse enjuague de color – color rinse enjuague de crema – cream rinse enjuague herbal – herbal rinse enlaciar – straighten, relax enmarcar la cara – frame the face enmoñado – in a bun en punta – “pointed”, i.e.

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