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Mark Cuban, the owner of the upstart HDNet Fights organization and MMA-centric HDNet cable station, has filed suit against the UFC to get a declaratory judgment concerning the contractual status of Randy Couture. Couture, the UFC’s heavyweight champion, resigned from the organization this past October citing a number of issues, including his compensation, the UFC’s inability to sign then-top free agent Fedor Emelianenko, and what he perceives to be a lack of respect from UFC executives.

Alvarez has a unique contract, as he can fight on Midwest promoter Monte Cox’s shows, K-1 Dream events in Japan, and Elite XC. This may result in Silva his losing his license to fight in California, essentially banning him in all commission states, so he’d be unavailable in the event Elite XC in some form gets resurrected or until he is reinstated.The matter will go to court next month, which includes a preliminary hearing March 4 in Las Vegas.But, on Wednesday, Cuban and the Texas-based HDNet Fights organization filed suit in district court in Dallas.A few with non-exclusive contracts have been able to pick up individual fights, but none have been able to negotiate with major companies who aren’t willing to risk a tampering lawsuit, or aren’t willing to sign fighters for single-fight deals.Of the aforementioned names, only Smith, Alvarez and Silva have fought in recent months, and none on the list have any scheduled future fights.

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