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Between us, the phenomenon of the leisure class is more serious.Except for the very poor, every Argentine pretends to belong to that class.What are the differences over the course of a decade? Have questions on what's hot on the CES show floor?Watch for yourself: With a six hour drive (seven-and-a-half with stops to eat and gas up), we're now in Las Vegas, collected our CES badges and completed our road trip. Follow and ask Matt Swider and Nick Pino on Twitter. Here's our video of the drone launch in Monument Valley, which we did just after sunrise – on the way to CES 2018. You expected a Loading and unloading the roomy Genesis G80 Sport is a Herculean task. We have started to refer to putting our suitcases in the car truck as "Tetrising." We even hum the Russian music.It'll take us at least 10 hours to get to our destination. We're halfway through our CES 2018 road trip today, rolling through Memphis, Tennessee, the "Home of the Blues" and the birthplace of Rock 'n Roll. And being tech-savvy folks, we all have different platforms: Google Play Music, Spotify, and Tidal. "It's great top see what my friends are listening to.

We took four different phones with us to CES 2018, all for different reasons.

Maybe he's part of The Con selling a Get Rich Quick Scheme, or an infatuated beau pursuing a Spoiled Sweet gal, or caught up in a Prince and Pauper or "Fawlty Towers" Plot.

Whatever the reason, expect the Mock Millionaire to play the charade Up to 11 with displays of Conspicuous Consumption, casual references to exotic places, lots of Money to Throw Away, name-dropping the rich and powerful, an Unlimited Wardrobe complete with monocle, and maybe "borrowing" a Cool Car or Big Fancy House.

"I always meant to cancel it and switch to Spotify.

But then You Tube Red (which rids You Tube of ads) convinced me to keep it."What does Knoxville have to do with CES?

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