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This study attempts to demonstrate that the most probable interpretation of the descent of Christ in Eph.

Vielhauer, Apocalypses and Related Subjects: Introduction (revised by G. Applebaum, The Legal Status of the Jewish Communities in the Diaspora, Chapter, The Jewish People in the First Century (Compendia Rerum Iudaicarum Ad Novum Testamentum; 2d ed.; eds S. Unnik, van; Assen and Philadelphia: Van Gorcum and Fortress Press, 1974) 420-63. 228.06 B365.--------, Insiders and Outsiders in the Book of Revelation and Its Social Context, To See Ourselves as Others See Us: Christians and Jews and Others in Late Antiquity (eds. The article revisits the problem of the relationship between Josiah's alleged cultic reform and the Book of Zephaniah. As such Zephaniah's prophecy supports Josiah's struggle for political independence and for freedom from Assyrian (and Egyptian) domination. In contrast to recent scholarship I argue that much of the Book of Zephaniah is already shaped in the knowledge of the deuteronomistic concept of Josiah and that the earliest stratum of the book is found mainly in Zephaniah 2 where the relationship between Judah and its neighbours is addressed.

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Despite the uncertainties and difficulties attendant on working with fragmentary material, the dithyramb offers many opportunities for research, particularly from the vantage point of Old and Middle Comedy.

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