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It was her idea to begin in the bedroom and some how end up in the living room where she preferred to save her tits to use on him last. Closing her eyes, Michelle embraced the warm feeling of his seed soaking her skin.Michelle liked her titty fucking skills to finish him and end the night with a creamy mess over her firm skin. Licking her lips, Michelle moaned to the sound of his voice groaning while his cock was giving her a sticky pearl necklace while it was still tucked between her large boobs.” Stepping away from him, Michelle glanced away and thought to herself while biting her lower lip.The time had come for her to reveal her true feelings to this man.

She hoped that he would forget all about Lucy after a few busy nights of steaming hot sex together, knowing that she had the body to truly seduce and drive this man wild. Her nails raked against his chest as she was already close to reaching her orgasm.Besides, you know as well as I do how unrealistic your chances are of some how getting her back.I mean, Nigel Taylor is a very powerful man, you’ve already been beat to a bloody pulp once and I don’t want to see you end up dying from chasing her.It isn’t worth losing your life.” Moving back towards him, Michelle gently ran her right hand over his chest while looking into his eyes. I wish we had met before you had met Lucy, cause then I wouldn’t be competing with a woman who isn’t even here right now.” Even though he had a few minutes to digest everything she was telling him, Luke still didn’t know what to think. He asked himself this question repeatedly throughout his mind.“We can be together, I’ll love you and we can see how far this relationship takes us. He looked away from her face, glancing towards the ceiling as he let out a sigh.

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One thing that bothered him more than anything was to hear Michelle speak of Lucy like this, knowing that they had been best friends for a long time.

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