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Throughout this period of time Omega produced a number of variations of the Electroquartz Constellation wristwatch, most famously the pupitre but also in a rectangular case in Stainless steel as well as other date and non date models.

Omega's experimentation with case design throughout the 1970s was never more obvious than in the Electroquartz range of watches, there were numerous case executions, many of the later calibre 13 examples being made in 18-carat yellow or white gold.

Between 19 6,000 beta 21 units were manufactured (Omega’s calibre was 1300).

To date there are only known of surviving examples from 12 of the original manufacturers and a number of these are not complete watches: 1.

The quartz clock was supplied in a stylish grey Cycolac resin case, because of the size and complexities of the movement the clock was quite large and weighed in at over 1 kilo.In 1969, two years after the beta-2 tests twenty Swiss watch companies agreed to manufacture 6000 of the beta 21 production watches produced on an industrial level.In late 1969 a few hundred beta 21 units were produced to exhibit from a range of the agreed manufacturers at the 1970 Basel Fair.There are very few remaining examples of these clocks, other than those on display at the Omega museum in Bienne and Swiss Time Services in the UK, and there are less than 10 known examples in private collections.The pictured clock (owned by Omega collector Thomas Dick) is serviced and working correctly and is accurate to 12 seconds per year, which is within specification of /- 1 second per month when kept at a constant temperature of between 10 °C and 30 °C.

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According to records between 19 50,000 beta 22’s were produced (Omega’s calibres were 13), although only a tiny number of these appear to have ever made it to production watches based on the availability of used examples now.

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