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Instead, the Wisconsin-raised former child model is truly refreshingly real.Take, for example, the story of how she snagged her breakthrough role on : "Two of my friends in L. invited me to this Labor Day barbecue, but I really just wanted to stay on the couch with my French bulldog," she says. "I remember hanging out by the pool in an old T-shirt and jean shorts, just talking to people."He's a really rad guy," Jessica says when asked what she likes about Ed."He's awesome and smart and talented and adorable, and we make each other laugh." They don't have any Valentine's Day plans yet—last year they went to Jamaica with Leighton Meester and her boyfriend, Sebastian Stan—but Jessica insists that they don't need to do anything major.Back in December '08, the 2 were seen sharing personal space in a Texas airport (our guess is Hobby but it may have been Bush Intercontinental or DFW). The couple, to our knowledge, did not deny a rendezvous took place but most of us pushed it to the back of our minds as people from two totally different places could never, ever make it in an uptight, class-conscious world like ours.But, these uptown-outer borough relationships sometimes do work.

But it sort of feels like a spoiler or door-closing for future episodes.

"Jessica embraced the chance to play a new character, but she says that, long-term, she'd be happy to switch to movies or stay on TV.

"For me," she explains, "it's just about telling a story.

I want to entertain." Her life has changed dramatically in the last few years, but it hasn't changed who she is; even her newfound knowledge of high fashion strikes the rummage-sale shopper as being highly ironic.

"Now," she says, "I can be like, ' Oh, is that this season's Marc Jacobs?

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The movie focuses on a "crazy party lake" where "piranhas start attacking," and, according to Jessica, the most frightening scenes featuring her character verge on vérité: Asked if she ever felt silly doing all that horror-flick screaming, she laughs.

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