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Black men have been lynched behind the false allegations of white women as Emmett Till plainly showed. White womanhood has long been positioned as a thing to protect, long positioned as a status symbol in the misogynoir that runs rampant in the Black community on the whole.The power and the fury and the might of the American society has been strongly positioned in alignment with protecting the white woman from the Black men seeking to do her harm ever since D. It is time that Black men who stubbornly assert that they prefer White women come clean and tell themselves as well as the rest of us the ugly truth: society has succeeded in making them hate the women they have come from.White Supremacy has truly done a number on Black men.We actually attach more status and value to White women than we do to the Black women who held us down when no one knew who we were, nor gave three damns about us.The women who say that Nikki Giovanni is too extreme, who have next to no idea what makes Angela Davis a living legend or what makes Michelle Alexander so angry about watching their relatives profit from businesses based on drugs that we were locked up for even possessing.You fix your face to say you prefer White women when you should just confess to your willing participation in Anti-Blackness; in fact to not prefer Black women in this socio-political climate in America is to exhibit a special kind of Anti-Blackness, one where you cast off those who are on the front lines fighting for us to choose those who could care less about us.You prefer the women who will not fight for Blackness on any level, in any way shape or form to the women who make up what I consider to be the best form of Blackness?

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