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An adrenaline date is not something one would expect, so it is best to find out whether your date is up for the challenge.

Creating a succulent dish together on your first date seems like a great opening for future get-togethers.If your culinary skills don’t extend further from poorly cooked scrambled eggs, you can try taking your date to a cooking class.You can get two major benefits from this sort of date: first, your date will see that you are willing to learn new things (and that you think the kitchen is not a place only for women) and secondly, you will enrich your menu, regardless of the date’s final outcome.If you want to add a specific dose of style to your first date, take your date to a wine tasting event.There is nothing more refined than tasting fruity and herby aromas of sweet wines while getting to know a person.

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Take your date to a video game arcade, and show her some of your best moves.

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