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This book features on every 'Best of' list at some time or other and there's a good reason: it is a hilariously perfect and lovingly absurd journey of a simple human being through the wild riot that is existence.So much of science fiction focuses on heavy subject matter without a drip of humor.Multi-platform emotional relationships and an unknown foe. The aliens will need to know what humanity was like (even if only to recreate us as a digital slave race in their virtual reality matrix), and if any single author grasps the state of our technological society today it is William Gibson.I was 14 when I first read Neuromancer, one of the first generation to grow up hooked in to the computer-generated realities that Gibson so presciently explores.Schismatrix not only helped birth what we now think of as the "New Space Opera" (e.g.Iain M Banks, Alastair Reynolds), but was arguably the first novel to imagine a plausible posthuman solar system, riven by ideologies and wild economics, teeming with conflict and graft, and packed with moments of pure sensawunda.

While some might consider this novel a pulp horror twist on Lord of the Flies, it is given a new dimension if read with knowledge of Japanese contemporary history and perceptions of young people.If you ever thought that neuroscience was too boring or complicated for pleasurable reading, “Behave” will change your mind.You’ll find yourself guffawing at Sapolsky’s quirky humor, and you’ll begin to question whether that decision you made so many years ago not to go into the sciences might have been too hasty.However, this never stops the novel from reaching the high levels of characterization and prose that we expect not only from Le Guin, but from the very best of fiction.By the time the reader leaves the world of Winter, their world will never be the same again.

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While its plot can be considered a simple adventure or mystery, Banks' real strength is in realising a genuinely alien futuristic society which at the same time uses elements of the contemporary world, at times exaggerated, in unfamiliar or extreme ways.

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