Aquarius and leo dating sites dating an italian tips

Take a deep dive within and get vulnerable with your most trusted people.

Important self-discovery awaits, which could shape your path for the rest of 2018.

But the headline event arrives on February 15, when a partial solar (new moon) eclipse lands in Aquarius and clarifies your closest ties.

Maybe you'll seek out an expert, such as a headhunter who can pinpoint job prospects or a literary agent to shop your book manuscript."Tribe" becomes even more of a central theme midmonth, when the new moon launches us into the Chinese New Year.If you've been a one-Lion act for too long, this month invites you to explore new dynamic duos.Could teaming up take your big ideas farther, faster?Don't be surprised if you crave more privacy and soul-searching time on your own.Deep reflection can pay off, as you'll emerge from your cocoon in a month, ready to spread your wings when Pisces season ends.

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